Enjoy one of Little attic's vanilla scented soy wood wick candles!


A warm inviting cosy fragrance of pure vanilla. That will leave your home smelling divine!

Perfect for the winter months and can also be used all year round.


Wood wick care 


When lighting the wood wick, place the light or match at the edge ( the highest edge ) and light from there. The flame will go across the other side of the wick and then will burn the whole wick in full. Wood wicks are known for their subtle flame . They just create a warm atmosphere without getting too hot.


Let burn for no longer than 3 hours, or untill the wax pool is fully to the side of the jar.


After the candle has been distinguished. Let the wax harden again and then with a knife or finger nail, scrape gently the very burnt part at the top of the wick off, then blow out the residue 


The candle will then be ready for the next burn.


Keep away from children and drafts and place on a safe surface.

Vanilla Candle

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