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Large pumpkin soy candles by little attic, are a must have! Our customers favourite, so we have brought in the large jars this year.

This amazing fragrance of pumpkin and spices, leading to a soft bakery base.

Is the perfect warm and cosy scent that will remind you of grans classic recipe, pumpkin pie.

A rich but not over powering fragrance, will leave your mouth watering and your home smelling divine!

The perfect treat this autumn and a lovely scent for all year round. 

Weight 15oz 

Natural soy wax is a great choice when purchasing candles. Eco friendly, no soot build up and great for anyone who suffers with asthma!

They burn clean and have no toxic fumes like other brands. 

Burn time: Approx 90/200 hours depending on usage

Gran's Pumpkin Pie Scented Candle

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