Why not add something unique to your halloween party this year? 


Little attic's spooky large soy wax melts, are a must have! From pumpkins with glitter hats to ghosts with funny eyes. And with 3 amazing fragrances to choose from.These will make your home smell divine! 


Made from pure soy wax, so they can be a bit slippery if held for too long.


These are very large, so my advice is to chop in half and then place on your oil burner, or if you have a wax warmer and the top is big enough for the whole melt, then go ahead. 


Listing is for 1 wax melt


Burn time for each melt. Approx : 30/50 hours 


Replace when the scent has gone or you feel there is not much scent left.

Halloween Wax Melts