Enjoy little attic's gingerbread men scented soy wax melts! 


A fragrance everyone will love. The warm, cosy scent of gingerbread men straight out the oven.


Wax melts make great gift ideas over the festive season, as well as stocking fillers!

Comes in a box of 10.


Add one or 2 gingerbread men on top of the oil burner and enjoy this amazing fragrance.


Recommended time to burn each melt is 30 mins, enough to let your home fill up with the scent.


Burn time for each melt is approx : 5/10 hours depending on usage or discard when the scent has gone.


Keep burner away from children, animals and drafts and place on a safe surface

Gingerbread Men Scented Soy Wax Melts